Places to Visit in Valencia

Valencia has a very profound history and therefore has many interesting historical buildings, monuments and cultural places to visit. Valencia City is also home of the Spanish Arts and Sciences, with its galleries, exhibits and performance spaces.Tourists often frequent Valencia also to experience the splendor of Valencia’s famous beaches. Valencia’s beaches border the Mediterranean Sea; facing the Bay of Biscay and are always alive with people enjoying the warmth of Valencia’s Weather.Cathedral de ValenciaCathedral de Valencia is a magnificent old building situated in the Old quarter of Valencia City. Its architectural structure is reminiscent of the early structure of Valencia City; a City influenced by the Roman Empire, the Moorish customs and the Christian influence. If you visit the Cathedral de Valencia, you will get a glimpse of the preserved history of Valencia’s past.Nova TabarcaThe Island of Nova Tabarca is only around three miles from Valencia’s coastal beach area. Once the home to pirates, the Island of Nova Tabarca is now a popular tourist destination. In the 18th century King Carlos III initiated the building of the first settlements on Nova Tabarca, which were designed to house Italian refugees.Today, Nova Tabarca features the historical remnants of those times, such as an eighteenth century fortress; St Jose fortified tower and a baroque church.TuriaThe river Turia is the sight of three of Valencia’s notable tower bridges, the Puente del Real, the Puente de la Trinidad and the Puente de Serranos. These three bridges date back to the 15th century and form part of what was one the old fortification walls of Valencia City.Since the diversion of the river Turia, the old river bed is now the home of Valencia’s Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, Valencia’s spectacular museum of modern art.La LonjaLa Lonja is home to several of some of Valencia’s famous attractions, such as the Palacio de la Generalidad, Palace of the Marquis de Dos Aguas, the Plaza de Manises and the Campanil de la Iglesia de Santa Catalina bell-tower.Palacio de la Generalidad is a famous 15th century Valencian Palace that currently houses the government offices of the Valencian parliament. While the Palace of the Marquis de Dos Aguas embodies the beautiful architecture style of the rococo era.There are no limits to the sightseeing treasures that await any visitor to Valencia. The province of Valencia and Valencia City are a delight to see and form an important part in both Spanish and European history.

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